Joey Quits and Becomes a Viral Sensation [VIDEO]

Mashable asks: Who says quitters never win? Joey DeFrancesco of Providence, R.I., is becoming famous for quitting his job in grand style.

DeFrancesco, who worked at the Providence Renaissance Hotel, decided to bring a camera crew and — here’s the brilliant part — a brass band with him on his last day. The video has clearly resonated in these economically bleak times, netting 1.8 million views since it hit on Oct. 12. In a blog post, Visible Measures compared Joey to last year’s classic in YouTube rage, United Breaks Guitars (see below) and found it doesn’t quite measure up yet, but “has the potential to be much bigger.”

Looks like Joey might have a whole new career.

Again, proofs that in the age of social, users talk back…and a small quiet complaint can spiral into an internet crapstorm.

While cute and clever (and the dream of many downtrodden workers), an interesting caution about Joey’s very open and vocal “F.U.” to his previous employer – this stunt may take a negative toll on his future employment prospects as the modern job interview includes a Google Search on “Brand You”. Hopefully he nets himself a sweet Reality Show deal off of the YouTube fame and all my cautions are moot.

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