Jobvite Source Lets Recruiters Post Trackable Job Links to Facebook Accounts of Employees

Jobvite Source is a social recruiting platform that helps recruiters reach high quality job candidates cheaply by allowing them to distribute trackable job posting links to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Employees of a company can give Facebook permissions to Jobvite Source, and a recruiter can then post links on their behalf. Jobvite Source also offers Page tab app that can allow companies list job openings.

Other companies such as BranchOut and Monster are building full fledged professional network apps within Facebook. Jobvite doesn’t believe companies need a middle man to reach Facebook users, though, and that news feed stories posted by friends return the best candidates.

Jobvite has grown from 20 customers in December 2007 to over 500 customers today from across verticals, including Zynga, Logitech, Groupon, Zappos, Oxfam, and GE. The company has raised a total of $30.2 million, including a $15 million third round in May 2011 in hopes of capturing more of what it see as a $34 billion total addressable market for its products.

Though only 1% of all applicants to Jobvite jobs are hired, 10% of those hired come from referrals, indicating that recruiting strategies focused on securing referrals can be cheaper and more efficient. That’s why Jobvite’s product focuses on job posting link distribution to get inbound job applications from people who’ve been referred, rather than enterprise recruiter search like LinkedIn provides and BranchOut will launch August 1st.

Jobvite Publisher

To use Jobvite Source, a company first gets all of its employees set up with accounts through Jobvite’s price-per-seat model. These employee then give the app permission to post to their various social media accounts, and recruiters create job opening listings.

Recruiters can then filter their entire employee base to those in locations or departments relevant to a listing they want to post. For instance, if a recruiter wants to distribute a Jobvite for a San Francisco marketing job, they might filter the employee base down to those who live near San Francisco or that have jobs related to marketing.

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